Want to Bring more Meaning in Your Life? (I'LL Show You How)


Do you feel like you are achieving so much in life but not making a real difference? Do you feel in the dark about your purpose in life?

My name is Jean-Marc Dedeyne.

I am based in Los Angeles and hail from the beautiful French Island of Martinique.

My raison d’être is to inspire and lead those who are transitioning towards a more meaningful life to realize their God-given’s purpose.

As a TEDx Speaker, Christian Life Coach and Author, I support, encourage and help Global and Entrepreneurial Minded Young Adults discern and move towards what God is calling them to do.

I intend to be a catalyst for seeking encouragement, joy, truth, fulfillment, authenticity, peace, faith, and love.

My desire is to always work with a purpose and to facilitate my client’s growth in a compassionate yet focused manner.  Why? Because we all need a good firm hand to walk with us along life’s path.


Let’s walk together



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