Want to Bring more Meaning in Your Life? (I'LL Show You How)

Work with Me

One-2-One Coaching: 5-step process to include

  • Clarifying your values, interests and passions
  • Unearthing your unique promise of value
  • Developing a follow-up success plan
  • Guide through concrete, specific approaches and strategies that will unlock your power, confidence, resourcefulness, and ability to achieve the growth you desire.
  • How to purposefully exude your brand and feel more fulfilled


One-2-Many : Speaking topics include

  • Leveraging the Power of Your Inner Voice: 3 Steps to finding purpose
  • Lessons from big brands: Your Unique Promise of Value with Your Personal Brand
  • The Gift of Adversity: How to take Advantage and Find Your Life Purpose
  • How Can You Add Value? Maximizing on the perceived value other see.
  • Stand for what you believe in: Don’t be afraid even if it means standing alone
  • How To Get Past Your Fears?
  • What Does It Mean To Live Your Why?
  • How To Standout and Bring Meaning into Your Expat Journey?
The Voice Within Speech – TEDxFortdeFrance – Dec 2015


Intimate groups: Workshops/Seminars

  • Purpose and discovery workshops
  • Reinvent yourself, define your brand and envision your future
  • Expand your success by Building a Personal brand that stands for something
  • Social branding tools for effective personal brand building


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