Want to Bring more Meaning in Your Life? (I'LL Show You How)

Why Jean-Marc

TEDx Speaker | Christian Professional Life Coach | Author

Throughout the first part of my life, I focused on climbing the career ladder and fulfilling my thirst for acceptance, possessions, and traveling. In the space of 13 years, I had explored 25 countries and worked at two French & American corporations while generating over $43M in revenue with my teams/partners. I was feeling great, and according to most, I was living a good life.

However, at some point, that life did not satisfy me anymore. The truth was no matter the depth of achievements; I often felt empty inside. I did not have a purpose and knowing that I was not making a difference made me feel worthless.

This discord compelled me to pursue in Los Angeles an entrepreneurial journey with the goal to ultimately make a positive difference in the lives of others.

After the initial adjustment, I felt inspired to help internationals in Los Angeles. I advised foreign students and expatriates from over 70 countries on innovative ways to pursue careers they love, adapt to the American culture, adjust to the Los Angeles’ Lifestyle and build relationships beyond borders

But after a sequence of events and choices, I entered a period of reinvention, where I faced adversities, failures, grief, and questions. Eventually, my only option was to return to God and ask Him for guidance. This was the best thing I did, and if I can turn back the clock, it would be the one advise I would give my younger self.

While God was healing me with peace, mercy, and love, I began to pursue a relationship with Him, along with His voice & plans for my life. Rising from the ashes of those life-changing events, I now find meaning in telling my story to inspire and lead others to the pursuit of their God-given purpose. I intend to be a catalyst for seeking encouragement, joy, truth, fulfillment, authenticity, peace, faith, and love.


“When we stop waiting for what we think life owes us, and start looking for what life and God are expecting from us, our lives become more meaningful and our outcomes are enriched with divine purpose”

In my Speaking and Christian Life Coaching Practice, I support, encourage and help Global and Entrepreneurial Minded Young Adults discern and move towards what God is calling them to do.

As a Christian Entrepreneur, I hold a Master’s Degree in Sales & Information Technology Solutions from EURIDIS, France, and a Certificate in General Business Studies and Entrepreneurship from UCLA Extension. My work is augmented by globally recognized certification programs from Professional Christian Coaching Institute, Reach Personal Branding by William Arruda, Les Brown’s Communicate Your Way to Greatness,  Simon Sinek’s Why University and Live Every Day With Purpose’s course by John Maxwell.

Described, by my peers as a disciplined, optimistic individual, with high integrity and a global outlook, I firmly believe in listening to and being led by the Voice of God to discover and live out our purpose in life. And, my autobiography, due out in 2022, will chronicle my journey to finding my God-given purpose in life.

LA Internationals, InterNations Los Angeles Changemakers and St. Paschal Baylon Men’s Club are a few of the organizations I regularly donate my time and expertise to.

If you are looking to work with an international speaker and coach who is passionate about nurturing talent with divine purpose, please contact Jean-Marc.

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