How to Stand Out and Bring Meaning into Your Expat Journey

I have spoken and worked with thousands of expats (professionals, entrepreneurs and students) about their goals and projects to relocate to the United States for a new life and career direction.

If you have been trying to move to the US on your own, you know by now that it’s not easy. It’s can be very challenging.

But I can guarantee that it’s possible to make it in the United States, live our dreams and bring meaning into our lives. I have lived through all phases myself.

Such journey requires patience, hard work & dedication, deep soul searching, and sacrifices. You will need to have a plan to become relevant in your new industry, build collaborative business relationships, and engage in consistent actions. You will also need to become a creative thinker and great problem solver. Most importantly, you will need to have faith.

In the midst of all my experiences, tribulations and achievements, I also learned how to make room for the unique abilities, talents and gifts that God gave to me. I was happily surprised to discover that they are the pathway to meaning, fulfillment and making a difference. But we must make room for them.

In the United States, if you want to succeed in your business or on the workplace, you will need to learn how to stand out on your market and play to your strengths – whether you’re a foreigner or not!

Last year, as I was preparing the launching of Jean-Marc Dedeyne Enterprises, my friend Christina Canters, from Australia, invited me on her show to discuss about all of these.

I super happy to share the fruits of our great and insightful conversation.

I hope it will help you bring more meaning into your expat journey and lead you to bigger causes.

Listen to the interview here