Do You Hear The Voice Within? It is Speaking!

We live in a noisy world, don’t we? Everywhere we go, we hear people and things making noise.

With tons of information coming at us from relationships and multiple media streams (television, Internet and social media), many of us live our lives constantly distracted and caught up with thoughts and in fact have trained our brains to look for distractions. And this has a profound impact on society. I believe this is why


I am going to share one personal story about a time when God tried to warn me of something and guide me in a time of transition in my life, but I didn’t listened to His voice. In the end, my ego nearly costed me my life.

On November 13, 2010, I was left disabled in a horrific accident, which nearly claimed my life. You Know What? I could have avoided it; if I had only listened to my inner voice!

Last year, I was invited to a TEDx conference that took place in Martinique (TEDxFortdeFrance) to share my story and life lessons.

In my talk, I also described:


The TEDx Talk was delivered in French. English, Spanish and Portuguese Closed Captions are also available. (Turn on Closed Captions!)

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If you watch from a cell phone:

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Many people have responded with their own personal stories. It’s my hope you get something out of it too!



Some Testimonials

My conclusion is that we all have an inner voice that is constantly trying to communicate to us. It meant to guide us, to protect us and lead us to the right path.

Those life lessons and God constantly remind me that is essential to take intentional, consistent, disciplined and significant actions to connect, listen and trust our inner voice, if we want to know how to navigate through life, take wiser and better decisions, align with the mission we have been given for our lives and ultimately experience our most fulfilling lives.

But we must take daily steps to make room for that amazing gift I call “The Voice Within!” The first step is to learn to be quiet and silence your mind.”

I’m curious what your takeaway was! I would love to hear your thoughts. I also would love to hear about the experience with your inner voice. Can you hear it? Do you trust it? How does it help you?

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