From Citizenship to Higher Purpose

Last week marked a significant milestone on my journey in the United States.

I officially became a United States Citizen. And it felt really good to start this new chapter of my life with 3146 other New American Citizens who were representing over 140 countries.



I traveled a long road to get there. When I think about it, the last 10 years have been exhilarating, challenging, enlightening and rewarding. It also felt like being on a roller coaster.

Probably one of the biggest awakenings was to realize that we haven’t even begun to live until you find out why we are here.

As my mentor, Simon Sinek always says, ” By why I don’t mean to make a profit. That is a result. By why, I mean what is your purpose? What is your cause? What is your belief?  Why do you even exist? Why should anyone care?”

I do believe that we all exist to serve a purpose and contribute in meaningful ways in the lives of others. We are here to serve greater causes.

And when we can connect our causes, talents & gifts and pursuits to God, only then can we feel a true sense of joy, love and fulfillment.

I have changed…and I believe for the better. By building a deeper relationship with God and a long period of deep soul searching, I became more about life fulfillment, connecting to higher purpose, leaving a legacy, courage, peace, authenticity service & leadership and getting real.

During the last 2 years, I understood that I had to make more room for the voice that was within myself in order to fulfill my clients’ needs.

And today my raison d’être is only to inspire and lead  those who are transitioning towards a more meaningful life to realize their God-given talents.

I am grateful to God, all my family members, friends & associates, teachers & mentors, clients and partners for their support and contribution on my journey.

To conclude, I’d like to quote Denzel Washington, who recently said to a group of newly graduate students, “Put God first in everything you do.” And I am going to add when you do so, you will never come second.


Jean-Marc Dedeyne

PS: If you have questions about the application process for citizenship, I recommend the following resources :