Want to Bring more Meaning in Your Life? (I'LL Show You How)

Why Jean-Marc

TEDx Speaker | Coach | Author

With over 15 years of combined international corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Jean-Marc Dedeyne brings a wealth of knowledge to clients who are at a crossroads in their personal and professional lives. Be it a new country, new career direction or those who just want to bring more meaning in what they do every day. He’s lived through all phases himself and speaks from a place of deep understanding and empathy.

He’s no stranger to adversity either. Jean-Marc was left disabled in a horrific accident, which nearly claimed his life and livelihood.


“When we stop waiting for what we think life owes us, and start looking for what life and God are expecting from us, our lives become more meaningful and our outcomes are enriched with divine purpose”


From the ashes of these life-changing events, rose the brand named Jean-Marc Dedeyne as a TEDx Speaker, Coach and Author. Based in Los Angeles, Jean-Marc hails from the beautiful French-speaking island of Martinique; is internationally savvy, having traveled to over 25 countries across Europe, America and The Caribbean. He’s the Founder and CEO of U in the USA, which has advised foreign students and expatriates from over 70 countries on innovative ways to adapt to the American culture, adjust to the Los Angeles’ Lifestyle and build relationships beyond borders.

With his corporate know-how obtained during his tenure at technology giants such at SAS and HP in France, coupled with his entrepreneurial experience in Los Angeles; he coaches and inspires others to gain more clarity in realizing their God-given’s purpose. The aim is to facilitate positive change towards authentic success on his client’s own terms.

In his speaking and coaching practice, he works with entrepreneurs and professionals to uncover what makes them unique, teaches them how to capitalize on their strengths and clearly articulate their aspirations towards a successful, purpose-filled life. Jean-Marc has earned several accolades and endorsements across multiple worldwide media, including FRANCE 5, KMT TV, ATV, CARIB EXPAT, CONTACT ENTREPRISES, and Guadeloupe 1ere.

The self-made entrepreneur, Jean-Marc holds a Master’s Degree in Sales & Information Technology Solutions from EURIDIS, France and a Certificate in General Business Studies and Entrepreneurship from UCLA Extension. His work is augmented by globally recognized certification programs from Reach Personal Branding by William Arruda, Les Brown’s Communicate Your Way to Greatness,  Simon Sinek’s Why University and Live Every Day With Purpose’s course by John Maxwell. Described, by his peers as a disciplined, optimistic individual, with high integrity and a global outlook, Jean-Marc strongly believes in listening to one’s inner voice and has an endearing faith in God.

LA Internationals, Worldwide ERC Regional SoCal YP40, International Visitors Council LA, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, InterNations Los Angeles Changemakers and St. Paschal Baylon Men’s Club are a few of the organizations Jean-Marc regularly donates his time and expertise to.

His highly anticipated autobiography about his journey and guide to purpose is due out end of 2017.

If you are looking to work with an internationally connected professional who is passionate about nurturing talent with divine purpose, please contact Jean-Marc.





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